Our inks are the best way to give a unique touch to the printed designs of our balloons. This motivates us to continually innovate with new colors and finishes. The great novelty are the Pastel, Frosted and Copper inks, which are added to the spectacular Metal-ink.

Copper color or copper colored finishes can be found everywhere nowadays, it has taken the interior decoration world by storm. Party décor is no exception, so we have launched new designs with an amazing copper colored ink. This all new ink gives a warm yet sophisticated look to our printed balloons. This color displays a wide range of shades varying from tanned orange tones to yellowish pink shades, which gives a soft richness to the balloon. These designs become the perfect complement, adding shine and interesting accents to decorations made with solid colors. So jump into this color trend and start decorating and mixing & matching these designs, we are sure the outcome will be breathtaking.

It’s time to sparkle and shine with our new and spectacular printed balloons with glitter ink. Our designs breath new life, with a unique shimmer that make them stand out from the crowd,  whether its in a bouquet or as part of decoration. So get your glitter on and run to get our new glitter ink printed balloons.


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