A year to reconnect with fashion trends and nature! 

In this 2021, our two new Fashion colors will bring strength and vitality to the Mother Earth concept that represented our 2020.  

Terracotta, a warm tone from earth full of texture and rustic accents.   

Mustard, a sophisticated tone with ethnic characteristics that add richness and magic to any decoration.  

The big reveal day has come! We warmly welcome our new color, Fashion Mustard, a sophisticated tone with ethnic roots that has come to enrich our decorations with magic, elegance and style.

Here it is! We are very excited to introduce our new color, Fashion Terracotta, a warm tone from earth full of texture and rustic accents.


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Rustic and Stylish

Terracotta, White Sand, Reflex Gold


A color palette full of texture and warmth, designed to portray the elegance of rustic elements in nature and the uniqueness that exists in simplicity.

Enjoy a combination full of welcoming accents, deep tones and comforting hues inspired in the richness of earth.


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Midnight Mustard

Mustard, White Sand, Navy Blue, Reflex Silver


Rich and spicy at its best! A combination inspired in midnight hues, perfect to create dream-like environments. With bold but trendy colors that send a message of strength and sophistication. 

Explore new horizons and make a statement with this sleek, attractive, and modern palette.  


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Earthy Safari

Eucalyptus, White Sand, Terracotta, Coffee, Reflex Gold

Natural but wild! A combination of our 2020 and 2021 trends. Destined to evoke vitality with the diversity and authenticity of the shades that Mother Nature offers us.  

Have fun and create with these warm and refreshing accents, designed for creatives, adventurers, and earth lovers.  


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Coffee, Mustard, White Sand, Chocolate, Terracotta


It’s time to reconnect! That’s why we created a color palette of neutral colors that produce a feeling of stability, growth, and connection with the simple but beautiful things in nature.

Feel inspired with this harmonious mix and match of browns and nudes, and set your own trend.


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Soft Terra

Reflex Gold, Peach, Coffe, White Sand


A deeply balanced and soothing monochromatic palette that enhances the beauty that exists in the variety of nude tones. Designed to effortlessly recreate serene atmospheres or exciting contrasts combined with statement colors.  

Use this timeless shades and start bringing memorable moments to life.  


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Boho Chic

Reflex Rose Gold, Peach, Rosewood, White Sand, Pink


Embrace the optimism and joy this eye-catching color palette transmits. The perfect combination between the calm of earthy pastel tones with the energetic conveying of bright colors; perfect for vintage, contemporary, retro, and vintage styles.  

Let loose and feel free with this chic mix and match that will boost your mood in this 2021. 


Don’t forget to share with us your balloon decorations in social media tagging us and using our hashtags. 

 Let’s create together unique moments and memories!  


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