There is no better way to live to the fullest each season than by decorating your home, and Halloween cannot be the exception.

Joy Party

This time we bring amazing ideas made by JoyParty, one of our distributors in Korea.

How about this organic semi-arch? Doing it is very simple!

Use a metal or PVC structure to cover it with balloons of different sizes in the classic Halloween colors: orange, black, green and purple. Remember that you can play with different textures, such as Fashion, Reflex and Metallic to make the arrangement more colorful.

*Tip: if you don’t have a base structure, don’t worry! You can stick it to the wall with masking tape or fasten it with nylon or a deflated 260s.

Add Link-O-Loon® lianas in the same colors to complement the décor. You can place them from one side to the other, crossed, aligned or from top to bottom; whichever you like!

You can also make some characteristic figures of the season, such as spiders and pumpkins, using modelling and round balloons of different sizes. Check out our playlist on YouTube to learn how to make these and more figures yourself.

If you don’t have many balloons, or you have limited space at home, you can make a simple garland in the same color palette. Add themed metallic balloons to give it the perfect enchanted touch to represent Halloween.

To complement, include party accessories like pumpkin buckets, decorative cobwebs, letter signs, or witch hats. Let your imagination run wild and personalize your home with these and more ideas!