Celebrations are a whole-year thing! That´s why we want you to learn some tips and tricks that will help you decorate parties and events in a better and simpler way.

Divided Balloon: We use this trick when we want to give organic touches to our designs, when we don’t have small balloons and we only have big references available, or when we want to cover a specific space.

Tip: Make a duplet using just 1 balloon.

Take the balloon and tie it at the end, then with your index and thumb fingers divide from the center of the balloon to form a duplet. To secure it, wrap the neck several times in the center.

Double Knot: Making 2 turns at the time of knotting two balloon, o making a duplet, will allow you to split easily the duplet when needed.
How? Pulling the knot made upwards will give you enough space to undo the knot previously made.

Hanging Balloons: When you have decorations that you want to install in heights, look for a strategic point and hang it with Nylon. It’s the most recommended product since its transparency will hide any knot and will support the weight of the design or decoration according to its thickness.
This trick is ideal for hanging or holding arches, columns, figures or garlands.

Another use of the 260s: When deflated, this reference is ideal for assembling bases, columns, arches and garlands, among others.
Being made of the same material as the latex balloons, it doesn’t damage them with the friction. It also fits better and doesn’t mistreat your hands.
*Additional tip: Recycle 260s leftovers from your decorations. Keep them save in a container and uses them every time you have to wrap pairs, clusters of three or foils to your designs and structures.

Shine in our balloons: When we inflate balloons to a smaller size, the latex load concentrates in the body of the balloon. To get its natural shine to pop, press the balloon with your hands towards the neck; you’ll instantly see how it’s brightness comes out.
You can apply this trick with any reference.

Hide Link Connector from a Link-O-Loon®: Each time you want to hide the link connector of a Link-O-Loon® that you are not going to use, simply stretch it and release it. The pressure exerted will allow it to enter the balloon, hiding.

Being recursive is a fundamental tool in the world of balloon decoration, so take advantage of these tips and start putting them into practice in your next jobs