Diana Diaz
Barranquilla, Colombia

Baptism is one of the most celebrated sacraments due to its great spiritual significance in the lives of families who decide to implement it. In general, this takes place during the first years of boys and girls; so when it comes to commemorating it, decorations tend to include soft hues and tender, angelical concepts.

On this occasion, white, blue, white sand and gold tones were used. For the balloon arrangement, an organic design surrounded the backing from the floor to the ceiling of the room, complementing the design with figures of clouds and adding to that heavenly atmosphere characteristic of this type of event. The pompous appearance of the clouds was achieved using different balloons sizes, from R-5 to R-24.

To achieve a much more harmonious look, Crystal, Satin, Fashion and Pastel Matte textures were mixed. We also recommend using double stuffed balloons to obtain different shades of the same color. For example, to get a darker white sand tone you can mix Fashion Chocolate with Fashion Peach Blush, or Fashion White Sand with Reflex Gold.

Beauty is in the details! The snacks and desserts chosen to distribute in the celebration were decorated in the same color palette of the main arrangement, following the theme and giving an eye-catching total look. Each station was located in clear structures of different heights and diameters, which allows to give more space to the room and to fully visualize the decoration behind it.

Finally, a small-scale hot air balloon was made with latex balloons, which matched perfectly with the mat located around the center of the stage. And for the personalized touch, a metallic sign with the name of the honoree.