Although they have been hard times, confinement has left us many positive things that we can continue to implement from virtuality. We discovered that we do not always need to approach the store and that sometimes we can continue to buy through other channels such as phone calls, chatting apps and social media, among others.

That is why we want to share with you some tips that we know will be useful for you to continue generating pleasant experiences for your customers when choosing the products for their next celebration.

Choose generic and popular themes with which your clients find options for everyday celebrations.
Take into account those “essential” products in a celebration. These are plates, cups, napkins, hanging accessories and, of course, balloons!
Combine products that are within the same color palette even if they are not of the same thematic line. It is valid to mix designs with patterns!
Always include in your kits a second option of disposables (plates, cups and napkins) such as one-color supplies that combine perfectly with any theme, pattern or design.
Take pictures of your kits! Place your products on a colored backing and build your own image to share on social media.

*TIP: Lighting is key! Avoid standing against the sun or the light you placed for the photos.

If you don’t have time to do your own pictures, you can always use the suggested kits that Sempertex releases each season.

Once you have the pictures for each of your kits, name and price them. Send them to all your clients and contact through social media or any app you have to communicate with them and start selling!

This is the perfect time to begin implementing these tips! The most special seasons of the year have arrived and now more than ever party supply kits are a good option to offer your customers. Show us your creations in social media taggind us @sempertex.