Large celebrations are returning as long as all the established biosafety protocols are followed; and after a very long time at home, special occasions are the perfect opportunity to transform any place into a magical setting that accompanies each person’s unforgettable moments. This time, a luxurious decoration was created to celebrate a new achievement.

Two semi-arches in color blocks, located as side paths, framed the focal point of the decoration. R-5 and R-12 references were used, combined with large balloon formats such as R-18 and R-24 in strategic points of the arrangement.

The range of colors implemented was Fashion Red, Reflex Crystal Red, Reflex Gold and Reflex Silver. This combination of textures makes the décor look more elegant, taking into account that Reflex balloons add shine to the place and vibrant colors, such as red, evoke energy and dynamism.

To achieve an unforgettable decoration, use striking elements that match the chose color palette. In this case, structures, cylindrical bases and a metallic gold backing were included. In addition, and to give the place a more glamorous look, it was complemented with pendant lamps, trays with crystal appliques and a luminous banner.

For the final touch, add floral arrangements that give life and color to the whole décor. This time they were applied to the ceiling as hanging bouquets and as a complement to some of the golden structures to highlight them.