A love that is celebrated from home Because any space is ideal when it comes to Love & Friendship

If the pandemic has left us something, it is that any reason and place are perfect to celebrate. That is why small parties at home are each day more common, where the living room or bedroom become the favorite setting for a simple but special decoration.

When it comes to celebrating love from home, we recommend choosing key elements that will allow you to transform the space without the need for a large assembly.

1. Colors

It’s no secret that red is the color of love, and in seasons like Love & Friendship or Saint Valentines, it becomes a must in decorations. However, you can also include other shades that complement perfectly! Combine it with stronger tones like cranberry, or with soft shades like pink or rose gold. Brighten up your décor by including reflective shades that go well with any palette, like gold.

2. Organic Arrangements with Balloons

The organics technique is becoming more and more popular! Using different balloon sizes will allow you to five the decoration more attractiveness and adapt easily to the space you have chosen for your decoration. In addition, you can experiment with your creativity and use this technique to create the scenario you want, from a simple base or column to decorate your table, to an arch that reaches the ceiling.

3. Backings

This is one of the easiest ways to completely transform a place and frame your décor. This implement is not only easy to assembly and disassembly without damaging the walls or mistreating them, it also allows you to focus tha gaze of your guests in one place and separate the decoration from the rest of the elements o fyour home that are not a part of your celebration. Use backings with glitter, or metallic ones, to bring light to the place and give a luxurious look to the whole scenario.

4. Heart shaped Balloons

A Love & Friendship, Valentine’s Day or Anniversary celebration has to have heart balloons. There are many options in both latex and foils that give the very last but perfect touch to bring romance and cuteness to the decoration.

5. Extra Details

Complement your decoration with characteristic elements of this kinks of celebrations such as flowers, chocolates, candles or teddy bears. Think of what your guests would like and add it to create a unique and very special environment, perfect for a memorable celebration.