Babies and kids also celebrate Love & Friendship! Children really enjoy being with their friends and having spaces to integrate, share and have fun times together; and they enjoy it even more when they have balloons! Get inspired by this Play Date designed so that the most playful ones have an unforgettable moments time together.
For the central station, where all the pictures will be taken, make an organic arch with Fashion and Crystal balloons mixing different shades of fuchsia, pink and purple. Add some heart-shaped foil balloons for a lovely touch.

Use metallic curtains as a backing! You can choose one color or combine two colors from your balloon color palette (pink and purple make a beautiful match!). Complement adding some accessories such as hearts or signs that go together with the theme of the party.

Any celebration thought for children has to be comfortable and spacious. In this occasion, various stations with different activities were set on the floor with small pillows for them to sit. Choose party supplies in fuchsia, pink and violet for the activities; or you can even add disposables with patterns that match the theme.
Lastly, add flag banners in the ceiling or any kind of decoration that allows you to make your space more welcoming for the little ones. You can also achieve this with soft colored lights and a playlist specially adapted for them.