Summer Palettes 

Combinations inspired in 2021 trends 


With the sunny days, children on vacation, and the growing optimism generated by the possibility of enjoying the outside world each time more; summer 2021 has arrived loaded with vibrant and joyful color combinations, perfect to implement at all mid-year celebrations.  

Traditionally strong shades are the ones associated with the summer season. Fuchsia, Green, Yellow, and Aquamarine, among others; have become emblematic tones when it comes to tropical décors, thanks to their great appeal and the ability to inspire good vibes. This year is no exception! Discover 6 trendy Color Palettes that you won’t resist using in all your summer decorations.  

A classic! This palette includes all the characteristic colors of summer. Tones that add life to any space and represent the days full of joy, emotion and adventures.  

Color Palette:  Pastel Matte Pink, Fashion Fuchsia, Fashion Lime Green, Fashion Yellow, Fashion Aquamarine. 

Inspired by the blue of the crystalline sea and the intense pink of flamingos. A combination of refreshing and elegant colors that you’ll enjoy using.

Color Palette: Pastel Matte Pink, Fashion Fuchsia, Fashion Aquamarine, Fashion Blue.

A summer sunset with all its nuances. This palette has the whole range of colors of a beautiful sunset, from the yellow that darkens on the horizon to the navy blue of the night sky.

Color Palette: Fashion Mustard, Fashion Raspberry, Fashion Navy Blue, Pastel Matte Pink, Fashion Aquamarine.

A mix & match of unique colors that represent the delight of citrus fruits and the freshness of summer. A beautiful range of yellows and greens, ideal to celebrate any occasion.

Color Palette: Pastel Matte Yellow, Fashion Mustard, Fashion Lime Green, Fashion Eucalyptus, Fashion Forest Green.

The perfect combination between striking colors that invite you to enjoy summer, and nude shades that keep setting the trend due to their ability to connect with nature.
Color Palette: Fashion Raspberry, Fashion White Sand, Fashion Mustard, Fashion Rosewood, Fashion Aquamarine.

A bold bet that includes strong and unique colors, perfect to set the trend, create intriguing décors, and add a glamorous touch to any space or ambience.

Color Palette: Reflex Fuchsia, Reflex Lime Green, Fashion Mustard, Fashion Aquamarine.