By: Jennifer Quintero. Wholesale Channel Manager

In the business of celebrations, exhibitions play an important role within the Points of Sale, since they become that silent salesperson who, without speaking, tells a whole story of your business -like your letter of presentation-.

The best part of the year is coming! So we invite you to make the most of your exhibitions in what’s left of 2021, using them as drivers of success in the seasons to come: Love and Friendship, Halloween and, Christmas, and New Year.

To achieve it, follow 5 recommendations:

Mono-product displays are a thing of the past! Today’s consumer wants to find everything in one place. Integrate your Balloons and Party lines by color or occasion, that way you’ll increase the possibility that the customer will fall in love with more products and, therefore, increase the average transaction of your business.

I leave you some ideas! Organize your exhibition by color – simulating a rainbow -, or by special occasions such as birthdays, characters, weddings, among others. This will facilitate the customer’s search, at the same time that you will achieve harmonious and much more striking walls if they include trendy products or palettes.

If you think that August, or even the end of July, is a good time to start the season with a good display of Love and Friendship, then you’ve found the key to the seasons!

Starting a season on time is the key to maximizing the success of this second half of the year. Begin at least 1 month before, displaying the portfolio available in the colors and designs of the season.

Finding that key point within your premises is a work of art! It should be the one that everyone sees when entering your business or when approaching the Celebrations section, where you can display the products you want to promote or that are aligned with the main season.

Choose one that is preferably easy and quick to access, such as the tip of a gondola display or a partycenter.

Combining inflated balloons or tables decorated with various themes is always a good promotional tool that many distributors use successfully.

Some use it to set new designs and seasons, but its also an option to promote the rotation of some products with larger inventories; turning this practice into a differentiating element and an impulse tool.

Let everyone know! By publishing pictures of your Balloon and Party displays, you let everyone know that you have the right portfolio, perfectly arranged for each client to find what they need.

If you want your exhibition to be a powerful proof that you work with quality products, that you are aligned with global trends, and that you are always in tune with the most important special dates and seasons in your country; keep these 5 tips in mind. Have a successful rest of 2021!