Bogotá, Colombia

Boys always seek adventure, danger and nature. For this reason, since its premiere, Jurassic World has become one of the favorite themes for the brave little ones who love dinosaurs and the outside world.

For a jungle setting, choose a color palette that combines blues and greens. This time, Fashion Eucalyptus, Metallic Green, Reflex Lime Green, and Metallic Blue were the chosen ones to achieve an organic balloon arrangement that runs from floor to ceiling intertwining between the different elements of the decoration.

Adding a neutral color, such as gray on this occasion, allows the entire range to be connected and balanced; it also gives light to the space.

Dinosaurs can’t be left out! Add them in various places and accompany them with wooden elements and different plant species to complete the final look. A good choice will always be to line all the tables and stations with creepers so that everything seems to be immersed in the Jurassic park theme.