During the first semester of 2021, hundreds of passionate about the art of balloon decoration have been able to enjoy virtual and face-to-face courses taught with Sempertex balloons.

Thanks to our distributors in different parts of the world, we have been present in these educational spaces that seek to train and enhance the talent of artists and entrepreneurs with different levels of expertise.

Last June one of our Russian distributors, Bravo, organized an educational event under the direction of Alexandra Oleinikova and VIA PUTSKI.

The event, which had 5 instructors and 40 balloon artists from different cities in Russia, included master classes for the participants who learned different techniques that resulted in an incredible exhibition inside the Almaz Mall in Chelyabinsk: an amusement park with roller coasters, carousels and a ferris wheel.

The School of Balloon Decorations, ESDEGLOBI, gave during the month of April a Seminar on Balloon Decoration that with the help of our distributor in Peru, ANTHAIX SAC, was able to provide its participants with the necessary material to recreate amazing projects.

On June 9, 100 people received a basic decoration course from our Education Manager, Paola Guarin.

During 4 hours, attendees were able to learn and work together organic projects such as Link-O-Loon® walls, trends in Bouquets, mosaics and balloon twisting.

This was a work in conjunction with our distributor in Venezuela, 212 Balloons, who won this opportunity thanks to their excellent participation during our Virtual Showroom 2021 that took place last April.