Featured Artists

Sandra Hoyos

From Cali, Colombia, Sandra Hoyos, is our featured artist of the day. Sandra specializes in balloon arrangements using tube balloons, she is passionate, creative and her main goal is to make her clients happy with personalized balloon decorations, arrangements and figures.

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Oscar Chitiva

Everything is possible for Oscar Chitiva! From simple figures to Disney characters, real size sculptures, any balloon decoration and even company logos made out of balloons. Get inspired with his creations!


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Shirak y Alina

Today we would like to highlight Shirak and Alina, from the Netherlands; they started with the art of balloons as a hobby and today they run their own balloon business together. Mr. Balloon, Shirak and Alina’s balloon business, is very well known for their luxurious garlands and decorations.

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Our featured artist of the day is Dyna, from Netherlands, who loves balloons and organic designs. Dyna started making balloon decorations a year ago and works for to this day. Find your inspiration in Dyna’s creations to decorate your special occasions.


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Claudia y Lars

Dungen Entertainment is a company, located in Belgium, that creates balloon designs in combination with event styling and entertainment concepts for either big or small parties. They believe that the details are very important so details are their specialty.


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Wim Vogel

Wim Vogel is Today’s first featured artist. Wim is an Amsterdam based balloon artist inspired to work with balloons by his grandfather and father. For the last couple of years Wim has worked hard on growing his own business, resulting in numerous big balloon gigs all over the world including working on three successful world record builds.⁣

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Huang La Mei

Today’s featured artist is Huang La Mei from Chengdu, China, who runs a balloon studio alongside her husband Lloon called Lloon Balloon Studio. Huang La Mei has been teaching to others the art of balloon decorations and figures for 5 years.


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Xiao Le

And now the turn is for Xiao Le (Balloon Boy Le Le), from Nanchang, Jiangxi, China, who has been working with balloons for six years. Xiao Le has participated in multiple productions, programs and competitions. Balloons are a part of his life.⁣


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Vera Bark

Our first featured artist of the day is Vera Bark, from Belgium. From the smallest balloon decoration to the biggest shopping malls, she will always make the decoration as if it were for her own, giving her best to make a personal, exclusive and creative decoration for her clients.⁣

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Celine Gaspercic

Celine Gaspercic, from Belgium, is Today’s featured artist, and her goal is to make people happy with her balloon creations. We are loving the color, tone, and texture combinations she uses to create her balloon figures.

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Hector Ulloa

We love to share balloon creations that inspire. Today our featured artist and owner of these creations is Hector Ulloa from Chile. What kind of themed party would you decorate with his balloon figures?

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Chris y Maike

Today we have not one but two featured artists that work together as a team. From Holand, Maike Penterman and Chris Rougoor. What do you think about their creations?

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Claudio Bustamante

Today’s featured artist is Claudio Bustamante from Chile, that makes our imagination go places with his balloon figures.

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Angélica Cubillos

This week’s featured artist is Angelica Cubillos Globos Angel from Chile, that inspires us with her creations .


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Nicolás Gallegos

Nicolás Gallegos is this week’s featured artist! Nicolás surprised from Chile with his creative balloon figures. Get inspired with his creations!

Wendy Huang

This time our featured artist is Wendy Huang! Wendy surprised us with her grand balloon figures from Singapore. What do you think about her balloon creations?

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