Program Master Balloon Professional | 21 – September

Program Master Balloon Professional | 21 - September

Organized by: Sempertex

September 21

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Formulario de Inscripción

What is an MBP?

A Master Balloon Professional is an expert in the art of balloon decoration, who has been recognized by Sempertex after successfully completing the recognition program under the decoration standards set out by the company.



How is it obtained?

Choose the Practical Exam option, enter your information and choose the city in the event schedule, accept the Terms and Conditions and Personal Data Processing.


Pay online a value of COP $650,000 VAT included. You will receive an email specifying the date, time and instructions to join the virtual platform for the exam within 8 business days.


*Valid just for Colombia.

*Available soon for other countries.



How do we evaluate:


The virtual exam consists of evaluating the following points:



Free Creativity

Have your own chosen balloons for your designs for the day of the virtual exam (use at least 3 sizes of Sempertex balloons in each design). Each participant must present their project, explaining the theme and possible uses in an event.


  • Centerpiece

Maximum score 15 points


  • Personal design

Maximum score 15 points


Total time for making the designs: No more than 1 hour.


*30 points of the overall evaluation.



Decoration requested by the jury

You must make figures made on the spot with the following list of materials that you should have available for the virtual exam:


100 R-5

80 R-9

150 R-12

40 Link-O-Loon® 12

10 Assorted balloons in big references (R-18 or R-24 or R-36)

20 Assorted twisting balloons

Basic Tools



  • 5-balloon cluster or 6-balloon cluster column

Maximun score 20 points



  • Flower border or grid using Link-O-Loon®

Maximun score 20 points



  • Organic Design

Maximun score 20 points



  • Handling of basic tools: inflator, sizer, valve and helium tank.

Maximun score 10 points


Total time for making the designs: No more than 1 hour and a half.


*70 points of the overall evaluation.



Terms and Conditions

*Report to the virtual platform at least 20 minutes before the exam.


*The judges evaluate under the standards defined by Sempertex.


*To get certified the participant must pass the exam with a minimum of 85 points.





  • Recognition Diploma

as Master Balloon Professional – MBP.

  • Inclusion in the MBP directory

that will be available on our web.

  • Web Gallery

displaying the designs made during the recognition process.



  • Kit de Bienvenida


  • Special Prices

for our International Balloon Convention.


  • Recognition

on our social media.


Code of Ethics


I will act in a timely manner, with respect, integrity and professionalism.


  • Delivering the work agreed with the customer, using the necessary materials to do a professional job (quantities, sizes, colors and references).


  • I willbe environmentally responsible, discarding the materials in the right places, bearing in mind the recommendations suggested by Sempertex.


  • I will express my opinions about the work of others constructively and respectfully.


  • I will not use works or projects developed by others to promote myself or take advantage. In case of using third-party images, I must have their prior authorization and recognize authorship.


  • I will not be involved in unfair competition.

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