Basic Course On Decoration With Balloons – October 14

Basic Course On Decoration With Balloons - October 14

Organized by: Sempertex

October 14 - 2021 8:30am-12:30m

018000 515515

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Welcome to our 2021 Virtual Course for Beginners – English / Spanish

* Learn basic balloon decorating techniques and concepts with Round, Twisting and Link-O-Loon® balloons. It is an enriching content to design and create unique and surprising pieces.

In the next course you will learn:

  • Balloons sizes and textures.
  • Materials and tools necessary to start in the world of balloon decoration.
  • Correct fill, tie, knot and measurement of the balloons according to their sizes.
  • How to knot them into pairs, clusters of three, four, five and six balloons
  • Stable column with round balloons easy to assemble.
  • Harmony of colors and how to combine the balloons by palettes and color range.
  • Correct inflation and assembly of latex and Foil balloons with Helium, and how to prolong their floating time.
  • Brightness and durability of latex balloons.
  • Biodegradability of the balloons.
  • Use of heat sealer.
  • Creation and assembly of an arch and organic wall with Round balloons and Link-O-Loon®.
  • Creation and composition of latex and foil balloons.
  • Creation of a Sphere with Link-O-Loon® its correct installation on bases, floors or high ceilings.
  • Balloon mosaic technique in light structures (Numbers or Letters).
  • Inflation and basic uses of the twisting balloons
  • Basic in balloon distortion technique.

The course includes a gift kit containing:

  • Krambel Bag
  • Sempertex Catalog 2021
  • Pen
  • Sample balloons with the latest designs
  • Attendance Diploma
  • Notes of the designs seen in classes that will be sent printed with the kit.

This Gift kit will be sent in advance as long as the course is purchased 10 days before, otherwise it may arrive the following week to the course. The kit is not required for the workshop.

This Gift Kit will be sent to participants from Colombia at no additional cost. People outside the national territory can be sent it, but shipping cost is your responsibility at the time of delivery. The attendance diploma can be sent digitally along with the class notes.

* The class will be recorded for 8 days so that you can continue practicing for longer.

* Once you have completed the registration and payment, you will receive an e-mail purchase confirmation.

*  5 days before the event you will receive an e-mail with instructions to join the Zoom virtual platform for the class.

Check that the e-mail has not reach the spam or other folders.

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