• (2) 9” Metallic Balloon My First Communion Blue Chalice
  • (1) R-12 Printed My First Communion Doves Reflex Gold
  • (11) R-5 Red Wine Metal
  • (7) K-5 Blue Reflex
  • (7) R-5 Reflex Silver
  • (11) Satin Blue
  • (2) T260 Reflex Dorado
  • (2) T260 Fashion Azul
  • (2) Feathers


  1. Create 8 organic quartets in R-5 by mixing Blue Satin, Silver Reflex, Blue and Red Wine Metal.

  2. Take a T260 Fashion Blue, blow the air out of it and tie it to one of the quartets. Start building the base intertwining the rest.

  3. To give it weight, weave an R-5 with water on each side.

  4. Inflate a Printed R-12 My First Communion Doves Reflex Gold to 28 cm and tie it to the center of the base.

  5. Take a piece of deflated T260 and weave it into the valve of the foil balloon. go roll it up and knot. Repeat until you have two. Intertwine them at the ends of the base.

  6. Decorate with the two feathers.

  7. For the spike: Inflate 30 cm of a T260 Reflex Gold, make 2 pinches of 2 cm and a bubble of 4 cm. Repeat 3 times and knot. Intertwine them at the base.